Define items in store into Type, Category and sub category division.Item definition includes Manufacture, Supplier, packing unit, Quantity per Pack, Reorder level, Shelve location, Barcode of each item. Barcode printing option is available to print barcodes on full/ half or customized quantity of stickers as required. In a single barcode sheet, you may add different items with different quantity. Define promotions for all items or on specific category/ items. On activating or setting starting/ending date of promotion, sales price will be as defined in the promotion. Opening balances entry screen that will update the current stock position of items.


Purchase of new items with supplier details, last purchase details. The purchase option will update stock and supplier ledger & amount payables. Purchase returns option to return items to supplier for any reason. It will update stock. Item demand option is included so that we maintain a list of items demanded by customers.


Staff Payroll system is integrated that includes employee information, daily attendance, leave/absent/official holiday entry. Staff advances are also entered by advance voucher.


Sales of items on cash/credit or on credit card. Easy way to search an item either on barcode or by name. Discount on sales receipt. Display cash received and amount return back to customer. Customized sales receipt print option either on every receipt or on specific receipt. Stock will be updated accordingly. Sales hold option if a customer wants to add some more items in his bucket. Sales screen show today sales/receipt list, history of a specific customer sale. Sales return either on last sales receipt or on barcode item. Sales return will update stock.


Payments to supplier or cash received from customers are also available with bank/Cheque integration options. Daily expenses at the store are also entered from expense voucher.Based on all the above activities, a daybook is generated reflecting daily sales, purchases, expenses etc. Shift system is available so that at the start of the shift, last cashier closes his work and take a printout of all the sales and related activities with cash in hand.


Security management system is included to create a software group, create users, assign rights to users. User only changes his own password while administrator of the software will control rights of all users.